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Driven by a truly compelling house sale offer, Nick Xenos and his Sydney real estate selling team will sell your house for PROFIT or carry your sale through to settlement for 0% agents commission, guaranteed in writing.


Sound too good to be true? Listen to past house sellers on this site or read the testimonials for yourself and discover what true PROFIT is with Nick Xenos and his transparent approach to the sale of Sydney houses.  

IMAGINE pocketing an extra $50,000 (tax free as a principal place of residence) after all real estate commission was accounted for?

When Nick Xenos and his selling team make a claim that your house sale is WORTH MORE, they mean it, because frankly their emphasis on the sale of your house is on achieving the highest selling price a buyer will pay.

Think, if you would for a moment of the premise of the movie Jerry Maguire where the actor Tom Cruise plays the sports agent “Jerry Maguire” who leaves a large agency to start his own one-man agency and only manages to find “One Client”.


The moral of the story in a nutshell is simply this: An agent does not need a large team to represent a client. It doesn’t take a large team, a BIG real estate franchise or a fancy real estate office to sell a house, but it does take the commitment of a “Jerry Maguire Sales Agent” to produce a profit on the sale of your Sydney house.


Any volume-based sales agent can achieve a poor result for which they will still get paid for their under-performance, using the traditional real estate approach to selling houses in Sydney or any part of the country in Australia. Remember, it is and always has been, all about “the quality of each sale” not how many sales a selling agent makes.


If a Sydney selling agent has to sell 50-100 properties per year, it implies they are very good at turning properties over fast, which only serves the buyers interest, and not the house sellers’ interest. A premiere real estate agent sells as few houses as possible per year focusing on the most profit generated for their house seller and themselves as a mature, well polished sales negotiator. 

Book yourself into a "FREE house consultation", normally valued at $995, FREE for serious Sydney house sellers who act on this very generous offer.


This is NOT a traditional market appraisal. Nick Xenos is NOT a traditional real estate agent and his past house sellers attest to his genius in his transparent sales approach which has yielded collectively hundreds of thousands of extra dollars in PROFIT for his house seller clients.


If you are a serious Sydney house seller, you owe it to yourself and your family to meet with Nick Xenos and listen carefully to what he has to offer, as it could mean the difference of making a handsome PROFIT or losing a great deal of money, on the sale of your house by selecting a real estate agent on the promise of achieving a high price.  

 Unbiased Peer To Peer Interstate Real Estate Agent Testimonial - Victoria, Australia.

"The Sell Your Home For Profit model developed by Nick Xenos does in fact maximise a property selling for a superior price. The robust nature of the principles and philosophy behind the model address issues that are critical to property owners and allow a frank and open transaction to take place."

Peter Barton
President of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, Waverly Branch
Barton Estate Agents & Valuers.

Disclaimer: Individual and property related house sale results may vary from sale to sale.

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